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“It’s time to make safe spaces for after-abortion healing,” said CEO Lisa Rowe

NORTH PORT, FLORIDA—As the first post-Dobbs legislative sessions begin, Support After Abortion is urging lawmakers to recognize the reality of after-abortion suffering.

“The Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision changed America’s abortion debate. As most attention pivots to the states, this is an opportunity for everyone to expand how they think about abortion,” said Support After Abortion CEO Lisa Rowe. “Pro-life advocates have long believed in after-abortion suffering – but their religious-based approach alienates millions of people. And supporters of legalized abortion often fail to acknowledge that many women aren’t shouting their abortion – but instead are hiding their suffering.”

Founded in 2020, Support After Abortion is the nation’s first organization to provide gold-standard research and support for women and men after abortion. Unaffiliated with the pro-life movement and the abortion industry, but partnering with both, Support After Abortion’s groundbreaking national surveys show that:

  • 34% of women who experience medication abortions suffer adverse impacts.
  • Only 16% of women who experience medication abortions want religious support.
  • 71% of men suffer adverse effects like depression, addiction, and anger.
  • Just 18% of women and men know that after-abortion support exists.

“Each year, America spends billions of dollars on mental health research, prevention, and recovery,” said Rowe, a licensed clinical social worker who has worked with families facing abuse, addiction, and other challenges. “Our research shows that millions of women and men suffer from after-abortion healing, but they don’t get the resources they need because the politics of abortion hide the humans behind abortion.”

Support After Abortion’s mission is to elevate abortion healing in the eyes of all Americans. Its work includes:

  • An after-abortion help line which refers people to healing resources, including licensed therapists. 
  • The first after-abortion directory for men and women to independently find healing resources. 
  • Nationally representative surveys to capture how many women and men suffer after abortion – and what can help them heal.
  • Workshops and webinars which have helped therapists, pregnancy resource centers, and social workers understand how to address after-abortion suffering.

About Support After Abortion

Support After Abortion is an abortion healing organization which promotes compassion, collaboration, and capacity to create gold-standard care for men and women suffering from abortion’s adverse impacts.