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Lawmakers should prioritize mental health, says Support After Abortion

NORTH PORT, FLORIDA—Support After Abortion has released the following statement leading up to the one-year anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision.

“The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade sent abortion laws back to the states. This was an opportunity for both sides to put aside traditional barriers on abortion to prioritize mental health resources. Support After Abortion’s nationally representative surveys make clear that women and men suffer after abortion, impacting their mental health, view of self, and relationships with loved ones.

Abortion-related mental health issues could have brought both sides to the negotiating table. State funding of long-term mental health resources can help people address the roots of trauma which often lead to the relationship and financial challenges that are frequent precursors to an abortion experience.

Instead, politics continues to hide the suffering behind abortion. As a result, millions of women and men don’t get the pre-abortion and after-abortion “help they want.”

Founded in 2020, Support After Abortion provides gold-standard research and support for women and men after abortion. Standing away from the politics of abortion to put people first, Support After Abortion’s mission is to elevate abortion healing in the eyes of all Americans. Its work includes:

·        An after-abortion help line which refers people to healing resources, including licensed therapists.

·        The first after-abortion healing provider directory for men and women to independently find healing resources and for those serving them to make referrals.

·        Nationally representative research to capture how many women and men suffer after abortion – and what can help them heal.

·        Workshops and webinars which equip therapists, pregnancy resource centers, social workers, and others understand how to address after-abortion suffering.

About Support After Abortion

Support After Abortion provides gold-standard research and education that promote compassion, collaboration, and capacity to create high-quality care for men and women suffering from abortion’s adverse impacts. Its free resources include an After Abortion Help Line, a national therapist and counseling directory, and an introductory abortion healing program.