Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion and Karen Sweeting, President, and Founder of The Optimum Life Academy, and author of “Get Equipped,” discuss the excruciating pain that abortion regret, shame, and secrecy causes and why providing confidential and nonjudgmental support after abortion is essential.

Karen states, “to be healthy and whole; we have to face the past.” Karen met back-to-back losses as a young adult, first a serious boyfriend and then her brother, to a tragic car accident. As if the losses were not significant enough, she endured an abortion experience very close after. Riddled with the trauma and the tidal waves of grief and loss, she did what most women do and stuffed her abortion regret away for nearly half of her life.

For 25 years, Karen was hiding her shame and abortion regret. She feared that her abortion decision would bring about judgment from her family and friends. Karen’s fears are common and representative of much of our culture, which has created a paradigm of silence regarding the impacts of abortion.

If you or someone you know is living in silence after abortion, you are not alone. Contact us today. or 844-289-HOPE (4673)

The result of carrying toxic abortion secrets often causes men and women to make dysfunctional and damaging choices. Karen made a series of very unhealthy decisions to cope with her emotional pain, leading her to develop substance abuse habits, make poor relationship decisions, experience weight loss, and numerous other damaging choices. Living in silence and dysfunction ultimately caused Karen to struggle with suicidal thoughts, resulting in intensive hospitalization. Suicidal thoughts are a common outcome after abortion, as reported by consumer research.

After many years of running from her past, years of therapy, and abortion healing, Karen has forgiven herself and others. Her commitment to recovery is ongoing, and she encourages everyone to unravel their roots. As she continues to heal, she falls deeper in line with her calling to help others find forgiveness and healing after abortion.

Increasing Abortion Healing through Sharing our Stories

Lisa and Karen agree that exposing our secrets and getting to the roots of our dysfunction is an integral part of the healing journey. Support After Abortion has helped nearly 4,000 men and women heal after abortion. Our confidential support team provides non judgemental support at no cost. Contact us today or sign up for a free virtual support group. Everyone has a story, and the more we share, the more others will share as well.

For leaders, counselors, and others working with men and women who have experienced abortion: Lisa states, ‘If we don’t start talking about abortion, the way we talk about sexual trauma, poverty, divorce, promiscuity, etc., we are not going to help those men and women that live in shame.” Keeping the secret of abortion keeps the individual from searching for and receiving abortion healing. Increasing compassion to respond to an abortion story, not react, will create a space for people to feel safe enough to share their story and begin their abortion healing process.

If you or someone you know has experienced abortion, you are not alone. For immediate assistance, please call our Hopeline at 844-289-HOPE (4673) to confidentially speak with a member of our team. For more information on the resources and healing we offer, please visit us