Amy Ford is the president of Embrace Grace, Inc., a non-profit organization formed for the purpose of providing curriculum and leadership support for churches so that they may support women and men with unplanned pregnancies.

Amy states, “If abortion became illegal today, the church would not be ready to help women with unplanned pregnancies practically, spiritually, and emotionally.

In her book, “Help Her Be Brave: Discover Your Place in the Pro-Life Movement,” Amy discusses the various organizations that exist and ways you too can help support, or become involved with these organizations.

For those who are passionate about helping those facing an abortion decision, or impacted by abortion, Amy recommends organizations such as Support After Abortion, 40 Days for Life, Sidewalk Advocates for Life, Abortion Pill Rescue and more. Along with these great organizations she also suggests passing notes or words of encouragement to single mothers, handing out information to local pregnancy centers, or making it known on your social media outlets that you are a safe person to talk to and link women with the resources they need.

For those who want to work with pregnancy centers, Amy suggests organizations such as Focus on the Family, Care Net, and Heartbeat International. Again, outside of working directly with these organizations you can organize diaper drives and donate all of the items to local pregnancy centers, send monthly monetary donations to a local pregnancy center, or cards of encouragement and gratitude to those that work at a pregnancy center.