Mother’s Day marks a special day to honor and love the mothers and mother figures in our lives. It is a day in our nation where we are encouraged to reflect on the beauty of motherhood and all the joy it provides. In preparation for this day, many children are making handmade cards, spouses are shopping for special flowers and moms-to-be are anticipating the day that they get to hold their new baby in their arms.

As most mothers enjoy this special day carved out just for them, there are some that find this annual day debilitating and grievous. Mother’s Day is a public reminder of the loss experienced by nearly 1 million mothers who have an abortion each year. It is a day full of triggers of what could have been: the child they aren’t raising and the life that was not granted an opportunity to make a handmade card.

An amazingly brave woman who knows first hand the pain of abortion grief, shared what Mother’s Day felt like prior to abortion support and what it feels like after receiving abortion healing.

Mother’s Day before I found healing from my abortion struggles was a day I did not realize I was avoiding. I lived in this world of uncertainty and denial. It was a day to push my feelings even deeper down and put on my fake face in front of my children. There was always a disconnect, an unwillingness to fully let myself celebrate being a Mom. Mother’s Day after I received abortion support is a day I celebrate being a mother fully. I not only celebrate being a mother to my children earthside, but I also have the joy of celebrating my heavenly child. I am a mother to 4 children, one of them being with our Father in heaven and I look forward to the day I get to celebrate this day with her. Mother’s Day is no longer a day of shame and guilt, it is a day of freedom and joy for me. A day I cherish. ~ Carolyn

To the woman who is hurting and struggling, for those that feel hopeless or guilty on this day, I want to encourage you. You are strong, you have the ability to overcome. You have the right to celebrate this day. You don’t have to live in the darkness. You are forgiven and you are worthy. The shame, hurt, anger, longing, or uncertainty you feel does not define you. There is hope and strength in abortion healing, you are not alone.

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