Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion and founder of Arise Daughter, Sylvia Blakely discuss Sylvia’s journey and the importance of collaboration to increase support for those seeking healing after abortion.

The impact of the Abortion Healing Process that led her to Arise Daughter

The impact of Sylvia’s abortion first led her to seek forgiveness from God. She asked for and received forgiveness with a grateful heart, however there was a part of her that still did not feel free. While working at a pregnancy center in Ohio, Sylvia would travel to neighboring counties to teach abstinence to adolescents. She was equipped for this season in her life, and comfortable in her role as an abstinence educator.

However she became acutely aware of aspects of her position and life, she was not comfortable with where she did not feel free. For example,

    • Sylvia could not walk into the ultrasound room
    • She could not participate in counseling sessions that took place with those who were pregnant and afraid of what to do next.
    • Sylvia also began to notice she could not stand up on Mother’s Day during mass, even against the urging of her godchildren.


God was nudging Sylvia to be more uncomfortable, to go deeper. In October 2019, she resigned from her position within the pregnancy center and in April 2020, completed her healing from abortion group. From that moment on, with humility and grace, she has taken the next step that God has asked and guided her to take. She attended the July Support After Abortion Conference and in November of 2020 launched Arise Daughter. Arise Daughter helps men and women seeking healing from abortion, offers help with developing or refining a training, and also offers ministry opportunities for those wanting to serve.

Working Collaboratively to grow Capacity for more Abortion Healing

As mentioned above, Sylvia attended the Virtual Support After Abortion Conference in 2020. It was here, she became inspired and connected with Support After Abortion’s vision to collaborate with leaders throughout the world on abortion healing.

Sylvia follows the example of Jesus to build capacity. Jesus was open and welcoming to all. He dispensed hope for those who needed it most, and empowered those who wanted to serve Him with the steps to take towards healing with love. We all need to follow the example of Jesus so that we can continue to expand and increase the capacity of abortion recovery resources. As Lisa stated, “when we work collaboratively, we grow our capacity.


“If we are not collaborating and not increasing our capacity, we become exclusive and comfortable. God does not want us to be exclusive and comfortable, rather wants us to use our gifts, and experiences and reach as many people we can that need healing. We cannot reach a large capacity of people without the collaboration of leaders


From Condemnation to Compassion in Abortion Healing.

Support After Abortion’s vision is to end the demand for abortion by healing those impacted by abortion. To that end, Lisa leads efforts to collaborate with leaders in abortion healing, just like Sylvia Blakey, to build capacity for healing. In the 48 years since Roe v Wade over 60 million people have been impacted by abortion. If only 1% of those who need healing came forward, we do not have enough abortion healing capacity to meet their needs.

Support After Abortion would like to a see shift in our culture. The pro-life movement can no longer be about condemnation, but rather compassion. People cannot change unless they first know you care for them, so shifting the culture to more compassion and love will help those who need healing, or those facing the decision of abortion vs. parenthood, come forward and receive the support they need.

Second, we need to get creative. To make sure future generations are engaged we need to change our style of marketing and media; even if that means making a TikTok. If you see yourself as a leader, or want to start to get involved in the abortion recovery movement, register for the upcoming Support After Abortion Virtual Conference in March and become inspired to help men and women start to heal.

If you or someone you know is struggling from the impact of abortion, please reach out. You are not alone and resources can be found here at or contact our helpline at 844-289-HOPE (4673). If you like Sylvia are looking for more information, or ways to get involved, please register for the Support After Abortion Virtual Conference.