Nathan Misirian, COO of Support After Abortion, dicusses the need to increase resources made available to men that are impacted by abortion. Together with Adam Fransden and Greg Hasek, they discuss why men are afraid, and what specific needs men have to heal and begin their abortion recovery process.

Today’s man is told abortion should not impact them, because of this men often will become silent when faced with an unplanned pregnancy or they will put the decision solely on the woman, because they are afraid to offer support. Adam Fransden, member of the Men’s Task Force at Support After Abortion, states “it is not toxic masculnity to stand up and say I want to be a father.” It is just as important that resources for men are provided so they are given this voice, support, guidance and healing they need. A man’s first instinct is to protect his child, when an abortion occurs, it damages this instinct and therefore leaves a deep wound on the man.

To help heal this wound, Support After Abortion has begun to mobilize so that everyone who needs abortion recovery healing will have access to it. As stated above, Support After Abortion, has created a Men’s Task Force, and has already and will be continuing to conduct consumer research to understand exactly how many men are impacted, and what specific healing programs will work for them. Research has already shown that men do not grieve the same as women, they don’t like to sit in circles, face to face with one another. With more consumer research men will be better served and have more access to healing that will be geared towards what they need.

Increasing collaboration will be crucial for building the capacity needed to effectively serve men impacted by abortion. Through the Support After Abortion, Network Partner meetings we can learn from other leaders and organizations, and work together to increase resources for men. Additionally, it is important to remember that just as people meet women where they are, it is important to start healing men by meeting them where they are as well. Creating a safe space, so they can unravel their roots, heal and become the father’s they were meant to be.

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