Pastor Marc Little is the founder of No Longer Bound, an abortion and miscarriage healing ministry based in California. Since the ministry has been in operation, they have helped more than 400 men and women seek healing from abortion or miscarriage. He is a husband, father, and attorney in Los Angeles who works to heal parties who are broken. He is also part of the national, men’s task force at Support After Abortion who has generously donated his time to help men heal from an abortion decision.

Pastor Little recognizes that men have been systematically left out of the abortion conversation due to the position of culture, which says abortion is a woman’s choice, that men should have zero input. But that’s not how it works, as so many of our experts at Support After Abortion have figured out. Men hurt from the pain of an abortion decision and they need resources dedicated to their pain that is different from women.

Reconciling the past

“Men have been shut out of the conversation and once they are given that opportunity to talk about it, they want to,” said Marc Little.

This is a huge part of the healing process for men. Little suggests that men need to “speak the pain”. That’s the first step in this healing journey.

“Words have power. Ask God to heal your broken heart, that you feel unloved, that maybe your dad wasn’t there for you. As you begin to give voice to your pain, the Holy Spirit will come upon you and begin to heal you,” said Little.

At Support After Abortion, we are developing new curriculums to help men heal from abortion with input from experts like Pastor Marc Little. We are aiming to get at both the heart and mind of a man who has experienced abortion. We currently have extensive content to help men who are wanting to explore healing from past abortion wounds at our website.

Headship of the home

As a pastor, Little is well-versed on the power of Christ to move within a man and facilitate healing. He also has witnessed the consequences of when the headship of the household has fallen into sin and disrepair and is in need of healing. A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Jesus casted out demons from people and his critics thought he was acting in a spirit of evil. But Christ corrected the crowds, saying that there is no way an enemy can plunder a kingdom if the strong man is not bound, meaning that it would be futile to cast out demons if he was of evil.

“If the strong man is bound, that’s the only way a house can be plundered,” Little said. “Our culture has decayed and our children have been lost because the headship over our homes has been bound. This doesn’t just mean physically strong. It means both physically and mentally strong. The enemy cannot have our children if our strong men are at their post, to protect not only their household and cover it in prayer but to protect their children. We were made to produce and to protect.”

Little encourages men who come to him for help to take their God-given authority and walk in that authority with their family, not as a dictator but following the example of Christ, laying down their lives for their families and loving them like Christ loves His church. That’s the model that Christ gave us.

You, as a man, have a God-given authority, a position to walk in authority. This doesn’t mean you get to be a dictator. It means that you are representing the model that Christ gave us.

And at Support After Abortion, we are hosting experts like Pastor Marc Little at the Unraveling Roots of Men’s Trauma conference and his presentation is available to watch online.  We’ll be exploring this issue, as well as others that are overlooked when it comes to men healing from abortion trauma. Marc can be reached through his website at No Longer Bound Ministry.

If you or someone you know has been impacted by abortion, you are not alone. Call or text our confidential hopeline at 844-289-HOPE (4673). Women, this is your call: if your partner, male loved one or friend has had an abortion, visit us at to learn how to create a safe space, and create a dialogue so more men can receive hope and healing after abortion.