Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion and Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation discuss their common goal of ending the demand for abortion, while focusing efforts on healing and protecting men and women experiencing shame, depression and regret after abortion.

Allan credits attending his first March For Life in 2000 and meeting Norma McCorvey (Roe of Roe v. Wade) to becoming directly and heavily involved in the Pro-Life Movement. The mission of the Justice foundation is to pray, litigate, educate and advocate for life, liberty and justice. Allan and his team do this by providing free legal services to women who have been impacted by abortion, or who are at risk of being impacted by abortion.

The first project is Operation Outcry. Through Operation Outcry, the Justice Foundation, “seeks to end the pain of abortion in America and around the world by mobilizing women and men hurt by abortion who share their true stories of the devastating effects of abortion.” There is a lie circulating in our communities and in the media, that abortion does not hurt women. The Justice Foundation and Support After Abortion, know this to not be true. The Justice Foundation has gathered over 4,600 testimonies for Operation Outcry, from women, that depict the painful impact of their abortion. Allan quotes one account from a woman who stated, “it is a lie that you will not be impacted or hurt from abortion. It is a lie, you will never think about it. I have never stopped thinking of the child I murdered.” Additionally, research conducted by Support After Abortion, shows that women experience shame, depression, anger, regret and guilt after an abortion.  These emotions cause women to develop substance abuse habits, engage in toxic relationships, and can lead to suicidal thoughts.

When men and women begin to share their abortion experience they not only continue to heal their wound of abortion, but also, can help other men and women, faced with an unplanned pregnancy, make an informed decision. This was true for Kourtney Kardashian. Allan states he read an interview with Kourtney Kardashian in which she stated, that she kept her baby because she had read online, so many testimonies from women who have been hurt after an abortion. Allan continues, “she was in no desparate situation, she just did not want a baby, but kept the baby after reading the pain that women experienced after an abortion.

The second project, under the Justice Foundation, is the Center Against Forced Abortions, or CAFA. CAFA provides legal resources to mothers who are being forced or coerced into an unwanted abortion. When abortion was legalized in the United States, it opened the door for parents, spouses, friends, to coerce a woman into an abortion to satisfy their personal needs. Allan states, “If a man does not want to have a baby and the woman does legalized abortion has allowed him to coerce his partner into having an abortion.” CAFA seeks to protect minors forced to have an abortion by their parents, women forced to have an abortion by their partner, and women involved in sex trafficking forced to have an abortion by their abuser.

The third and final project under the Justice Foundation is the Moral Outcry Project.  This is a petition that can be signed and serve as a means to overturn Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. In 1993, the Supreme Court ruled to compromise the 1973 decision which weakened the impact of Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. However, by signing the Moral Outcry Petition millions of men and women can declare that they will not accept this compromise from 1993, and are committed to ending the demand for abortion. To sign this petition visit or

Allan states that what he loves about Support After Abortion, is that, “like The Justice Foundation we do not support abortion, but instead protect and support men and women before and after an abortion.” In collaboration, The Justice Foundation and Support After Abortion work to end the demand for abortion, while delivering healing to millions of men and women who have been adversely impacted by abortion.

To watch a full presentation on The Justice Foundation, by Allan Parker, visit our New Movement page at If you or someone you know has experienced abortion, you are not alone. For immediate assistance, please call our hopeline at 844-289-HOPE (4673) to confidentially speak with a member of our team. For more information on the resources and healing we offer, please visit us