Janine Marrone, founder of Support After Abortion, discusses the consumer research conducted by Support After Abortion, and what the future holds for abortion recovery.

Support After Abortion has the vision and mission to restore the world from the impact of abortion. To end the demand for abortion, SAA, works to bring healing and support resources to all men and women who have been impacted.

In order to bring this healing to the millions of people impacted, consumer research needs to be done to understand the clients they are trying to serve. Two studies were done in 2019 and 2020. During these studies 3,000 women were contacted for interviews, and asked questions regarding the impact of abortion or reproductive loss.

Some of the most compelling information came from the question, “Where would you go for help after an abortion?” Ninety percent of women answered that they did not know where to go for abortion recovery. Five percent reported thinking Planned Parenthood would provide some sort of support and one percent reported that they would try to go to their church for healing resources. Additionally, eighty percent of women reported rarely, if ever, attending religious services and eighty-three percent expressed the desire to remain anonymous while receiving healing. This research inspired Support After Abortion to launch the options-based healing approach. Women did not want to come to a group at a pregnancy center, in the middle of the afternoon, they wanted and needed options. Support After Abortion began building programs that included virtual groups offered at various times throughout the day and week that are faith and non-faith based.

The consumer research also debunked the very big myth that abortion does not hurt or negatively impact the women involved. This research showed that women reported feelings of regret, guilt, depression, anxiety, shame, paranoia, and so much more after their abortion. Women are not only hurt by abortion, but without healing after, the pain continues to grow each day.

With all of this information and more research being done, Support After Abortion continues to grow and expand its resources. Janine states that to reach key markets, Support After Abortion will begin to utilize YouTube to reach more individuals and educate them on the need and importance of abortion healing.

SAA has a created a Healing Partner Network so that there is continuous collaboration among the leaders of abortion recovery ministries. Support After Abortion has also developed a Men’s Task Force to ensure help reaches men impacted by abortion as well.

With compassion, collaboration and building capacity Support After Abortion will continue to conduct more research, and increase programming so that abortion healing is made available to all men and women impacted by abortion. Click here to download Janine’s presentation.