Although COVID-19 has canceled many plans for 2020, including the incredible opportunity of SaveOne to share a man’s story of abortion at the Promise Keepers conference in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, it won’t stop the abortion recovery movement. Sheila Harper of SaveOne casts vision for abortion recovery in 2021.

Sheila Harper is one of the greatest treasures of the abortion recovery movement. A presenter at both Support After Abortion Virtual Conferences, the author of 9 books centered on healing after abortion, and the founder and president of SaveOne, Sheila Harper is an incredible asset to the industry.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Sheila is such an asset to abortion recovery is because she has allowed God to use her pain for purpose. On her SaveOne page and on a previous SAA blog post, Sheila shares how her abortion led to broken relationships, alcohol and drug use, suicidal thoughts and even a suicide attempt. Sheila attributes her healing, almost a decade later, to a Bible study held at a pregnancy center for those struggling after abortion.
With a heart for those who are hurting after abortion–men, women, children, and entire families–Sheila shares her vision for targeting capital cities.Coming Together

Until recently, as a whole, the abortion recovery industry could be likened to the silos that decorate the American landscape. Different ministries, organizations, and centers operate independently, many doing similar work but doing it without collaboration and often without knowing the resources available. Recently, the establishment of organizations like Support After Abortion and the Abortion Recovery Coalition (a committee of some 30 ministries and organizations with a national presence) aim to connect the individual silos into a network. Harper implies that when we individually link arms, we have the collective ability to transform the industry. When we work together, we multiply our impact. Harper adds, “I think this [coming together] has been the missing link in the pro-life movement.” She foresees the current collaboration and networking among the abortion recovery silos as the catalyst to reach millions. Awareness is being raised on where individuals can go for healing, and abortion healing is being strengthened worldwide.

Starting at the Center

Sheila Harper’s dream is for abortion recovery to first start at each state capital. Healing programs, recovery chapters, and ministries would be established in each state capital. The city would be “blanketed with truth.” “Everywhere people turned, they would see billboards on where to go, who to call, and who to email,” states Harper passionately. From there, she describes a spider leg-like spread. Once this change began in the capital city, it would spread to the neighboring cities and towns until the entire state was equipped to serve those impacted by abortion.

Harper goes on to explain the cultural impact of such a plan. The paradigm would shift away from capitalizing on choice and focus more on humanizing abortion. She envisions churches strengthening, families and marriages being restored, and men and women becoming who they were meant to be. Healing would revolutionize cities and their citizens.

Watching it come to the forefront

Harper is projecting that 2021 will be a year of immeasurable impact for abortion recovery. Her ministry, SaveOne, is booked for all but 11 weekends in 2021! “Churches are realizing the need to stand at the pulpit and share about healing after abortion because abortion is happening on their watch and to their people.” Harper also predicts that organizations will see the value and importance of recovery and healing will begin to rise to the top of the priority list. As the abortion recovery industry begins to link arms, it’s just getting started. Lives are about to be touched in a major way.

Support After Abortion is committed to end the demand for abortion through healing those impacted by abortion. By building compassion through programs, collaborating with organizations like SaveOne, we will increase the capacity for healing.
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