Pam Stenzel has been involved and working within the Pro-Life movement for many years. She began volunteering and now serves as a Director of five pregnancy centers and two mobile units in Florida. While working in the pregnancy center, Pam felt called to speak about sexual health, relationships, and sexual integrity. She began speaking at middle schools and highschools throughout the United States and found peace in her new prevention work within the movement.

Pam was surprised when people began to ask, “why have you left the Pro-Life Movement?” She explained that prevention is vital to ensure the movement, and the mission of Pro-Life continues to mature and progress. She states, “the movement is multi-faceted, and we each need to do the unique part that we are called and equipped to do.”

Pam recalls when she met the Support After Abortion team, she was moved by the message of healing. She began to see how healing those impacted by abortion could increase prevention within the Pro-Life movement, by preventing repeat abortions. So often, Pam is faced with young college girls coming to her clinic for a pregnancy or STI test. While they are, they report having a previous abortion, but did not know what to do or where to go after. If we work towards helping those impacted heal, they can make different choices, and we can prevent a repeat abortion.

Letting men and women impacted by abortion know they are not alone, to compassionately love, inserting healing quickly will not only save another child’s life, but will save the life of the man and woman as well.