It takes a special kind of person to serve and help those who need healing from abortion.  Treion Dally of the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Nevada, is truly one of a kind. Her innovative and creative approach is admired by many and her practices should be deemed a new standard. Treion believes in meeting people where they are and showering them with love, kindness, and empathy. On our Support After Abortion Healing Network weekly Facebook Live event, Treion discusses how her personal experience of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, drug addiction, and an unexpected pregnancy, led her to her purpose in helping others who have been in similar situations.

Treion had a troubled past. At an earlier age, she was sexually abused and later sex trafficked by her parents for years. Eventually, Treion turned to the streets, became addicted to drugs, and prostituted herself. She later found herself pregnant. Ultimately, she decided to keep her baby. She had a lot of help from a teen pregnancy program where she was able to get her GED, a job, and learn skills to help her become a parent.

Because of her trials and tribulations, Treion has a passion to help women in her community. In 1999, she opened the Crisis Center of Nevada. Today, the center services hundreds of women a year. They have a wide range of free programs and services including pregnancy testing, baby & maternity supplies, Dad-E Academy Men’s Support, Post Abortion Recovery Support, Parenting Classes, Counseling, and a three-day healing retreat.

Treion doesn’t just wait and expect people to come to her, she finds ways to go where people are. In her community, she and other volunteers cook meals and bring flowers to women who recently had abortions. She’s motivated to care for the person, free of judgment. By demonstrating acts of kindness, Treion connects with more people than she ever dreamed.[ultimate_video u_video_url=”” yt_autoplay=”” yt_sugg_video=”” yt_mute_control=”” yt_modest_branding=”” yt_privacy_mode=”” thumbnail=”custom” custom_thumb=”id^19691|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^Finding purpose in helping others heal through support after abortion EP10|description^null” play_size=”75″ enable_sub_bar=””]Reflecting on her own life, Treion believes “Everybody is one or two choices away from making a decision that impacts the rest of their life and they deserve healing. They deserve to know how precious they are, incredible they are, and that they are loved by God. I also want them to know that no matter what your past is, no matter what you didn’t choose, what was forced upon you, no matter what it was, that’s not who you have to be. You don’t have to be stuck there.”

Treion is one of many leaders who put people first and programs second. She is one of the featured speakers at our first-ever FREE Support After Abortion Healing Network Virtual Conference 2020 will unite leaders like Treion with people who have been impacted by abortion all on one platform. This event will educate organizers and leaders to better serve their communities and provide healing for those impacted by abortion. This is going to be an incredible event. Sign-up for FREE and register now.

If you or someone you know is struggling after abortion, you are not alone. Contact us today.  If you’re in the Nevada area and need support, please contact the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Nevada.