Joan Kane, board member for Support After Abortion shares her experience about the play, Viable, and the impact it will have in your community. Joan has two sons and one daughter and recently moved to St.Louis, MO. In addition to being a board member for Support After Abortion, Joan has been facilitating Luncheons4Life in the Alton, IL and St. Louis area since 2018. Luncheon4Life is a grass roots luncheon designed to bring together like minded life affirming people, and it was at a Luncheon4Life event, that Joan was given a different perspective on the issue of abortion.

Joan has always been ProLife, having a son with Down Syndrome, she is aware of the high abortion rate of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome and her and husband chose life, upholding the dignity of life has been and is important to Joan and her family. At a Luncheon4Life Joan was inspired and challenged to go deeper in her faith and ProLife beliefs. The speaker for that luncheon, was a woman who courageously shared her abortion experience. As Joan listened to woman recount her pain after abortion, she learned that there was more than one life impacted by abortion. For every unborn child, there is a mother, father and family member that is impacted as well. For the first time, Joan recognized the need for healing after abortion for all women and men involved. When Joan began her work as a board member she learned just how many women and men need abortion healing. Consumer Research conducted by Support After Abortion shows that one in four women will experience abortion by the time they turn 45. For every woman impacted, there is a man, and family impacted as well, making the number of individuals adversely impacted by abortion over 22 million. Ninety percent of the 22 million, do not know where to go for help, but would seek help, and start abortion healing, if they knew where to go.

Abortion is a human issue and human issues call for healing. Viable, is not about the legality, constitutionality, or the politics of abortion therefore making it the perfect way for Support After Abortion to compassionately portray the need for abortion healing within churches, communities, ProLife organizations, etc. across the US. The main character of Viable is Judy, and like Judy, millions of women in the United States, suffer silently after abortion. Joan states that “the self-condemnation and guilt women and men silently carry is not ok, and they need healing.” Other common emotions experienced after abortion include, but are not limited too, depression, anger, shame, and regret. Additionally, as depicted in Viable, relationships are impacted by abortion as well. “Judy” and her husband, “George” experience a lack of trust and anger for one another because of the pain and hurting. In April 2021, Joan had the opportunity to see Viable live on the capitol steps in Jefferson City, Missouri. She states, “I had seen a video for the play, but when I saw the play in person I was really moved.” As she sat in the crowd of 250 people, Joan was captivated by the play, and how it powerfully delivered the message of hope and healing after abortion. She felt the impact of abortion while walking with the main character “Judy” through this journey of pain after abortion to receiving hope and healing. Joan remembers thinking, “we have to start talking about the pain after abortion and the healing that can happen, to help more women and men. This play gives us an opportunity to talk about the abortion issue from a healing perspective.”If you or someone you know has experienced abortion, you’re not alone. Support After Abortion meets you where you are, with acceptance and without judgment. We care for men and women who experience loss, regret, anger, depression and suicidal thoughts from abortion. If you’re ready to start your healing journey, we are here to help you confidentiality and anonymously. Call or text Support After Abortion at 1-844-289-HOPE, or visit our website for a complete list of virtual groups at