With the coronavirus running rampant, you have likely spent the last month doing everything you can to avoid getting sick. With uncertainty lurking and only a developing understanding of what is causing COVID-19, our world finds itself in precarious times. Families are facing unchartered territory. Individuals are scared for themselves and loved ones. Businesses are closed. We have added gloves and masks to our daily wardrobe. And human interaction has been severely limited.

As best-selling author, Steven Covey once said, “If you don’t have confidence in the diagnosis, you won’t have confidence in the prescription”. Without a clear understanding of the root cause(s) of COVID-19, medical professionals can only do their very best to contain the virus and treat the symptoms. Until a cure is found, it will continue to be a dangerous threat.[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1536674930555{padding-top: 15px !important;padding-bottom: 0px !important;}”]The same is true for our emotional health, which is why we have written Unraveled Roots, a tool to help you.

Often we find ourselves in damaging cycles, repeating the same behavior over and over again. We try to contain the consequences and treat the symptoms, only to find ourselves sharing our untreated pain with innocent bystanders and causing unwanted problems for others. Without identifying the root cause(s) of our behaviors, we cannot develop an effective plan to stop the painful cycles.

Unraveled Roots, forward written by Kathy Koch, is our newest resource at Support After Abortion. In just 6 short chapters you will be empowered to unravel the root(s) of damaging behavior like abortion, abuse, divorce and addiction. Once identified, you will be able to make new and healthier choices, one step at a time.

“Reading through Unraveled Roots allowed me to process through years of hurt and begin to slowly identify the why behind the walls I have built for many years. I simply didn’t know life could be any other way…now I know that life is possible, freedom can take place, and I do have purpose!”

Buy it today at www.unraveledroots.com