Research shows that those impacted by abortion feel fear, quilt and shame. It is this fear, guilt and shame that prohibits men and women from coming forward for healing, and causes them to continue to silently suffer.

Michaelene discusses three things to always remember when interacting with those impacted by abortion so that more men and woman come forward for abortion healing. First, always keep in mind the number of people impacted by abortion. One in four women will have an abortion by the time she is 45. The impact of abortion is not limited to the woman but extends to the man, siblings, grandparents, friends, etc. This means that at any moment you could be speaking with someone impacted by abortion, so keeping this number in mind, will help keep your communication safe and approachable. Second, Michaelene urges everyone to “be humble, be present, without expectations and meet them where they are.

Every person is unique and uniquely impacted. Grief, timeline process, suffering and coping are all unique to the individual, so being present with them will ensure the focus remains on them. Lastly, “magic words” do not exist. There is not a set of guidelines, or a phrase that is 100 percent effective. Rather than trying to find the perfect statement, listening and being present is extremely important to remember.

Michaelene also discusses communication tips that will help inspire compassion and help others feel comfortable coming forward for healing.

Some of her tips include, but are not limited too, being mindful of body language, tone of voice, facial expressions, accepting that we cannot force healing and accepting that there will be times we make mistakes.