Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, states “in order to be a catalyst of change, within the ProLife Movement, we need to inspire compassion, promote collaboration, and build capacity.

Support After Abortion believes to end the demand for abortion there must be a shift from condemnation of those impacted by abortion to helping them heal.

One in four women will have an abortion before the age of 45, and 50% percent of those women will have repeat abortions. If the ProLife Movement can begin to inspire compassion, those impacted by abortion can heal and possibly not make the decision of abortion multiple times. Instead of telling women they are murderers, and condemning them to pain, people need to establish common ground, understanding and let those impacted by abortion know they deserve better, they deserve healing.

Ninety percent of people do not know where to go for help, even though we have been fighting abortion for almost fifty years. This does not mean, they do not want help, it means the ProLife movement has to begin meeting people where they are with compassion, so that those impacted by abortion feel safe coming forward to start their abortion healing process.

For Lisa’s complete presentation and more information on how to inspire compassion, please click here.