Less than a year after the end of Roe v. Wade, America’s abortion battles are intensifying at all levels. Red state lawmakers are trying to restrict access, blue state lawmakers are trying to expand access, and the federal government is mulling a public health emergency.

Amid the rancor, it is time for a new path that bridges the partisan gap by putting people before politics and compassion over criticism. After-abortion healing elevates liberals’ support for more public and private mental health resources while also acknowledging conservatives’ concern that women (and men) can suffer after abortion.

One woman’s story, which came through Support After Abortion’s helpline, showcases the depth of the problem at a human level. She was stuck between two worlds, concealing her abortion from pro-life parents while also hiding her abortion-related mental health issues from pro-choice friends. She told our team that she was “hurting … depressed … [and] very alone.”

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