A woman’s story of after-abortion suffering has gone viral on TikTok with almost 200,000 views since Friday. The story has evoked many similar stories of suffering in comments below the video.

Support After Abortion Special Projects Manager Karin Barbito, who experienced an abortion as a teenager, has released the following statement in support of women who feel that their after-abortion pain is unrecognized:

This woman’s pain and regret  mirror my own. Abortion was supposed to fix my problem and be fast, easy, and painless. What happened instead were depression, suicidal thoughts, and years of emotional pain…and the relationship I wanted to save ended as soon as the abortion was complete.

This video has gone viral for a reason: Women’s painful stories about abortion aren’t widely reported, but they are real. They are common. And they can’t be solved by pretending that women only shout their abortions. 

After-abortion healing takes time. It takes being offered the right approach that works for each woman’s preference and individual stage of healing. But most importantly, it takes being given a safe space to sort through your emotions, grieve your loss, and find closure.

For me, healing took place in my fifties. I didn’t know what healing was, but it has led me to consider how childhood issues led to codependency, which led to unhealthy relationships, which led to the abortion. Since then, I’ve gone through several healing options because like any other deeply-seated issue, after-abortion healing is a journey, not a destination. 

This woman’s story, and the ones below her video, are everyday realities. This video should continue to go viral so that women know that their pain is real – and every woman suffering from after-abortion emotional and mental pain should also know that Support After Abortion is here to help.

Contact us through our After Abortion Help Line for healing options which meet you where you are, and give you the safe space you need.