Molly Keilty, the Director of the Ministry to the Military Partner for the Catholic magazine, The Word Among Us, was shocked to learn the current statistics concerning abortion and abortion recovery. 1 in 4 women before the age of 45 will experience an abortion. 90% of those who have experienced an abortion don’t know where to go for healing. And perhaps most profound of all, 80% of those seeking healing do not want a faith-based program. Like us, at Support After Abortion, Molly discovered a real felt-need stating, “I noticed a real gap in resources. I realized something had to be developed to serve this large population.”

Collaborating to Create Curriculum

Support After Abortion and The Word Among Us Partners joined forces to create a non-faith-based curriculum for those impacted by abortion. The expertise of Angela Burrin, Director of Prison Ministry, Women’s Ministry, and author of faith-based healing booklets for abortion recovery, was foundational in drafting this groundbreaking resource. Angela will be bringing her knowledge and wisdom to the Support After Abortion platform as a featured speaker at the Support After Abortion Healing Conference.

Like Support After Abortion’s options-based approach, the curriculum behind Keys to Hope and Healing meets individuals where they are. Because not everyone is ready for spiritual awakening, this book focuses on Biblical truths that are natural ways people need to heal. This book is unique and credible, with clinical perspectives from subject matter experts. In this resource, Dr. Martha Shupping, another featured speaker at our Support After Abortion Healing Conference, offers her invaluable expertise on the impact abortion has on grief, depression, and anxiety.

How Non-faith-based Can Serve as a Stepping Stone

Based on the national consumer research commissioned through Support After Abortion, we learned that 9 out of 10 people don’t know where to go for abortion healing, and most are not ready for a faith-based solution. This resource, Keys to Hope and Healing, will help bridge the gap for the 9 out of 10 people that are not plugged into the churches where abortion recovery groups are being held.

While Support After Abortion and The Word Among Us Partners believe lasting healing comes through spiritual awakening, both organizations are committed to starting a healing journey that matches a person’s needs. We both feel it is imperative to meet people where they are. When we meet people where they are with a non-faith-based resource like Keys to Hope and Healing, it can serve as a stepping stone to healing and the spiritual awakening that is likely to follow.

Reaching People Who Need Healing From Abortion

Because abortion impacts millions of people, we are working on a series of booklets and curriculum to serve the various demographics. Currently in the works are a Keys to Hope and Healing edition specifically for men, and the corresponding Spanish translations for both editions. At Support After Abortion, we want to be ready and capable of handling the masses of people coming for healing in 2021. Non-faith-based resources such as the Keys to Hope and Healing, offered through pregnancy centers and abortion ministries worldwide, will make healing on a large scale possible.

How You Can Get Your Hands on This Resource

Keys to Hope and Healing is available in the Support After Abortion online store for just $5.99. All profits go directly to Support After Abortion.

If you or someone you know is struggling after abortion, you are not alone. Contact us today.

Eager for More?

We hope you’ll join us for more groundbreaking conversations on abortion and abortion healing at Support After Abortion’s Virtual Conference. Access will be available from October – December 2020.

Molly Keilty and Angela Burrin will be on a live panel to discuss the Keys to Hope and Healing more in-depth. Don’t miss your chance to hear more about this first-of-its-kind resource!

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