As a leader in the Pro-Life movement Brad Baumgarten, director or Coalition for Life – St. Louis, experienced meaningful change within his heart and Viable has the power to be a catalyst for hope and healing in the hearts of men and women impacted by abortion.

Brad watched a live performance of Viable in Jefferson City, Missouri after the Midwest March for Life in April of 2021. He admits he went into this event with low expectations. It was a cold windy day in Jefferson City and he was less than enthusiastic to sit outside and watch what he thought would be the same type of Pro-Life event or performance he has experienced so many times before. He states, “I was there to fill a seat, and had no idea how this play would impact me.Viable, is an off broadway play that portrays one family’s journey from the pain, shame and regret after abortion to finding hope and healing. The main character, “Judy”, like millions of women in the United States, suffers adverse effects after her abortion. After her abortion, “Judy” suffers silently with anger, shame, and regret and it is these emotions that cause harm to her family dynamic. As Brad watched this story unfold, he was moved by how engaging the actors were, and how the audience could feel the pain, hurt and anger that the actors portrayed. The actors invited the audience into the impact of abortion in such a relatable and real way and as someone who is not an overly emotional guy, Brad admits, “something sparked in my heart.” Brad has never had an abortion experience, but states that Viable inspired him to become more passionate about championing healing for those impacted by abortion. After years of service in the Pro-Life movement he was given a new perspective on the issue of abortion, and felt challenged to learn more about abortion healing and why it is so vitally important for men and women impacted by abortion. Brad became compelled to help the 1 in 4 women that will impacted by abortion by the age of 45, and came to realize that men suffer the same devastating impact.

Brad states, “men have an inherent nature to be a provider and protector. Temptations can slowly make their way into a man’s heart, and then the man is motivated to do the best he can to ‘fix’ things, or limit the consequences of that temptation.” This often results in men silencing themselves when faced with an abortion decision, taking their girlfriend or wife to the abortion clinic, and ultimately giving up their role as provider and protector. Brad feels Viable can help men become inspired to take back that authority, reclaim their voice and become the provider and protector God created each man to be. He states, “Viable can inspire a man to make a different decision when faced with abortion, and can inspire courage within his heart to seek the abortion healing that he deserves.” As Support After Abortion continues its outreach to men, virtual healing groups have been added for men so they can safely and compassionately receive abortion healing without fear of judgment.Another dynamic in the play that caught Brad’s attention was the devastating impact that the shame and secrecy after abortion can have on the family. In Viable, “Judy” and her husband “George” are divided by anger and a lack of trust. The regret and shame “Judy” experiences after her abortion causes her to be irritated and indignant towards her husband. “George” then gives away his authority and becomes complacent in his marriage. Brad states, “the presentation of Viable will plant the seed and inspire everyone (men and women), to reclaim their voice, and make better choices for themselves and their families.” It will inspire men and women to seek healing, to find hope and build a stronger foundation for their relationship and family. Support After Abortion’s sponsorship of Viable, across the United States, is so important because it reinforces our effort of recognizing abortion as a human issue, and human issues call for healing.

With great spirit, Brad declares, “this is why everyone needs to go see this play. It is important for men and women impacted by abortion, but also organizations and leaders within the Pro-Life movement. Viable challenges the audience to walk in the same shoes as someone who has experienced abortion, feel the emotions of pain and anger, and let that inspire you to do more within your community.” Over 22 million men, women and families suffer from the impacts of abortion, and they need help. Attend or host Viable in your community, and allow the play to inspire passion in your heart and help give hope and healing to men and women impacted by the pain, shame and regret after abortion.

To learn more, reach out to Christian Creative Media to see or book the play near you.