Coping with regret after abortion

Having an abortion can cause a number of emotions. Usually, women feel lonely, angry, regret, guilty, sadnesses, and depressed. Learning how to cope with these feelings and emotions is a critical component of the healing process. However, oftentimes women bottle up how they feel and never talk about it. During our Support After Abortion Healing … Continued

Unraveled Roots – Get your sneak peek today

What started as a dream for our CEO, Lisa Rowe, has turned into an amazing and beautiful reality. Unraveled Roots, published by Support After Abortion and co-authored by Karin Barbito, Melinda Means and Lisa Rowe was released in April 2020. With very little marketing, the book has already started to develop traction. In May 2020, … Continued

Women need healing after surgical and medical abortion

There are two different types of abortions available to women in the United States: surgical and medical. A surgical abortion is offered inside a clinic and is usually performed on women greater than 15 weeks pregnant. A medical abortion, also know as the abortion pill or a chemical abortion, is an abortion that uses medication … Continued

Support After Abortion restores men and women impacted by abortion grief and loss

Support After Abortion exists to see the world restored from the impact of abortion. Our mission is to influence the way the world provides restoration to men and women impacted by abortion through innovation, education and collaboration. Our innovative, research centered, options based model gives everyone, regardless of their circumstances or barriers, an opportunity to … Continued

The person behind the headlines of Roe v Wade

Roe v. Wade is one of the most controversial U.S. Supreme Court cases in American history. Though many know of the case and have mixed emotions on the ruling, hardly anyone knows the real story of “Jane Roe.” In the FX documentary, AKA Jane Roe, viewers get an in-depth look into the troubling life of … Continued

The intake question most pregnancy centers aren’t asking

On May 12, 2020, the Support After Abortion Healing Network hosted Michaelene Fredenburg and Tricia Lewis from Life Perspectives. Life Perspectives provides training, research and expertise to health professionals and other care providers to offer support after reproductive loss including miscarriage and abortion. Life Perspectives also offers a safe place, without religious or political affiliation, … Continued

Why therapists need training on abortion grief and loss

Have you ever considered that your clients might be suffering in silence? Unless you or someone you know has been impacted by abortion, you have likely neglected to think of the over 1 million women, men and families impacted by abortion each year. The topic of abortion tends to ignite very heavy reactions and very … Continued

Find Healing For Abortion Regret and Grief From Real People