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In December of 1980 I aborted my first child while attending college in Ohio. My life was a disaster, I was plagued with deep despair and depression and struggled with my school work. I was barely able to function. But somehow I managed. Fast forward to 1993 when my depression and suicidal thoughts were heightened and I just wanted to end this torment of a life. But I could not leave my 2 children without a mom, so again I held on for something to change. Then In January of 1994, I heard the Gospel for the first time that Jesus died on the cross for MY sins. Within 4 weeks I confessed and repented of my sins and asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. I had been searching for someone to take all sin and my pain away, someone to love me for me, His name is Jesus. I was immediately immersed in the Word of God and I attended a Bible Institute because I had an insatiable desire to know God and His Word.

God called me to the Post Abortion Healing and Recovery Ministry in January of 2006. I began my healing journey at a local pregnancy center here in Palm Beach County called First Care. For 4 years I co-facilitated several Post Abortion Bible studies per year. Then God wanted me healed from my dysfunctional past so I joined an Adult Child Recovery Support Group for 5 years from 2010-2015. God used all of this to birth a ministry called My Ashes to Beauty.

I started My Ashes to Beauty in January of 2013. You can read more about My Story on my website,

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