After Abortion Healing for Women

Women: Grief & Relief Coexist

Women deserve unwavering support after abortion loss. Each abortion experience is deeply personal and complex. And, the feelings may be a range of positive and negative emotions that change over time. Research on the impact of abortion on women reveals:

  • 1 in 4 women will experience abortion by age 45
  • 45% of abortions are a 2nd, 3rd, 4th+ for a woman
  • 34% of men said they experienced adverse effects after abortion loss
  • 63% of men said they would have benefitted from talking to someone
  • 82% of men and women said they didn’t know where to get help.

you matter. Support After Abortion is here for you.

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Connect with us

It takes strength to ask for help. Reach out to our After Abortion Line – we’re here to listen and support you. Your well-being matters, and there are people who genuinely care about you. You’ve got this.

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start self-guided abortion healing

Embark on your abortion healing journey at your pace. Our free online program offers tools for growth and recovery for you to experience privately. You deserve this step toward well-being. You’re not alone – we’re here to guide you. Take the first step to a brighter tomorrow. 

Know that abortion healing groups are available, if desired. Let us match you to one today!

Woman holding Unraveled Roots book

Start Self-guided Unraveled Roots

Today’s damaging behaviors and choices are often tied to yesterday’s childhood pain and other traumas that lie beneath the surface. Until we recognize this, we will continue to make the same poor choices. We need intervention to begin to forge a new, more positive path. Identify the root, expose the lies, and change your life with this free only program. 

Unraveled Roots groups are available to join. Let us match you to one today!


“I have thoughts of self harm.

I’m constantly thinking about who the children could have been, getting sad over seeing any kids their age, having nightmares, and self isolating.”

“I wish my many doctors and therapists would have gently asked me if I had had an abortion.

It might have helped me understand the root cause of my destructive behaviors and substance abuse.”

“I was 18 weeks along.

I feel so depressed, and I’m struggling massively to sleep, eat, or even think properly. It’s getting worse. I am seriously struggling with my mental health.”

“When I look at my kids now

I am painfully reminded of the children I didn’t have. I still feel guilty and grieve the loss of my babies.”

“For years I’ve felt like God can’t really ever love me

because I was a Christian and had two abortions. I‘ve since had other kids, but feel like I don’t deserve them because of the abortions. I’m so ashamed and afraid of how people will think of me and judge me. I’ve never told anyone. I don’t know how to overcome this.”

“My abortion was the biggest secret I ever carried.

I never thought I would get out of the darkness that I was engulfed in. I felt completely alone and misunderstood. Then I found Support After Abortion and was connected to a group. I shared my abortion experience for the first time in my Keys to Hope and Healing group and instantly saw light breaking through. My secret changed, my life changed.

"When I called the After Abortion Line I never considered that I would talk to someone else who has had an abortion.

As soon as the person on the other line said, “I understand, I too had an abortion,” my fear and uncertainty lightened. I felt for once like I wasn’t alone. In talking with this woman, I was able to ask questions without the fear of not feeling understood. I got to hear that there is hope, I can move forward. I am so glad I picked up the phone and called Support After Abortion.”

"In my Unraveled Roots group I had an awakening

I have been so focused on healing from the aftermath of my abortion that I neglected the trauma that came before it – the abandonment I felt, the abuse I endured, and the dysfunction I grew up in. Unraveled Roots helped to put the pieces together as to why I even got to the point where I was facing the abortion decision in the first place. My trauma was so much deeper than I imagined.”

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Hear from women

Karin experienced abortion in college. Pushing down and bottling up her emotions led to damaging behaviors, alcohol, drugs, divorce, prison and more life struggles. 

Years after experiencing abortion, Carolyn struggled to bond with her subsequent pregnancies and after each birth. She realized that her unresolved emotions of anger, guilt, and shame were keeping her from healing and moving on.