Lisa Rowe, LCSW

Support After Abortion Clinical Strategist

Lisa Rowe, a licensed mental health therapist in private practice, co-author of Unraveled Roots: Exposing the Hidden Causes of Damaging Behaviors, and Clinical Strategist for Support After Abortion, has over 20 years experience equipping and empowering thousands of people to find hope, healing, and restoration. Her areas of expertise include helping individuals and families heal from abortion, codependency, addiction, divorce, sexual abuse, trafficking, and more. Her passion is revealing the root of dysfunctional behavior and helping people find freedom from trauma.

Lisa presents on main stages, conducts workshops, facilitates small groups, and participates on panels both in person and virtually. She also appears on television, radio, podcasts, webinars and webcasts.

Lisa has participated in over 75 conferences and events and has reached over 270,000 people through events, speaking, and media engagements.

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