Lisa Rowe, LCSW

Support After Abortion CEO

Lisa Rowe is a LCSW in private practice, co-author of Unraveled Roots, and CEO of Support After Abortion. Lisa has spent over 20 years equipping and empowering thousands of at-risk children, hurting adults, and broken families to find hope, healing, and restoration. Her areas of expertise include helping individuals and families heal from abortion, codependency, foster care, teen parenting, unexpected pregnancies, addiction, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and divorce. Lisa’s passion for revealing the root of dysfunctional behavior and helping people find freedom from early childhood trauma is evident in her own life, the lives she helps lead, her public speaking engagements, and the program model she has and continues to build to serve clients. Her clinical experience, coupled with her organizational leadership, has assisted government, nonprofit, and private organizations to grow their impact, increase their sustainability, and leave a national imprint. Lisa has extensive experience as an engaging, informative, dynamic presenter. She is a national-level speaker and expert trainer. She conducts in-person and virtual conferences, presentations, workshops, podcasts, webinars, training courses, and more on topics related to unraveling the roots of trauma, effectively assessing for risk factors and root causes of behaviors, codependency, abortion grief, and providing compassionate, effective care to those needing help. Lisa has reached over 60,000 people in the past two years with her messages of hope and healing.

Presentation Topics: Unraveling the Roots of Trauma, Starting an Abortion Healing Program, Diversifying Your Abortion Healing Program, Mitigating Abortion Trauma with Sex-Trafficked Individuals, At-Home Abortions: Navigating the Challenges of Client Support, She Chose Abortion – Now What?, Four Steps to Effectively Engage a Client Who Has Had an Abortion, Unraveled Roots for Leaders: Transforming Behaviors and Choices, Addiction & Abortion: Navigating the Challenges of Client Support, The Impact of Abortion on Substance Use Recovery, The Need for Compassionate Language in Abortion Conversations, and more.

Topic Request? Lisa invites requests for presentation topics that best fit your event.