Karin Barbito

Support After Abortion Special Projects Manager

Karin Barbito, co-author of Unraveled Roots, is a pioneer in the abortion healing movement. Currently serving as Support After Abortion Special Projects Manager, Karin continues to forge new pathways to train and equip abortion healing providers to build and grow their programming and to help those hurting from abortion experiences to find hope and healing. Karin spent the first 13 years of her career working in the science fields of nuclear engineering, robotics, and environmental chemistry. For the following eight years, Karin went down a very dark road of alcoholism, drug addiction, domestic violence, and eventually homelessness. Facing some pretty severe consequences, Karin entered substance abuse recovery, a process that lasted five years. Working through codependency, the pain and struggle from her abortion experience at 18 years old, and other root causes that drove her unhealthy thinking and conduct, Karin was able to restore her well-being. Karin’s journey shifted her priorities and career interests, prompting her to return to college for social work. The freedom she experienced through recovery and healing led her to dedicate her life to helping people overcome whatever is keeping them from finding wholeness, so they can achieve their maximum potential. Karin is a gifted, authentic speaker with a passion for guiding providers to explore options and expand and diversify their abortion healing program. She conducts in-person and virtual presentations, workshops, webinars, training courses, and more.

Presentation Topics: Abortion Healing, Options-Based Approach to Abortion Healing, Starting an Abortion Healing Program, Diversifying Your Abortion Healing Program, Unraveling the Roots of Trauma, My Personal Story of Abortion and Healing (faith-based), and more.