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Our Speakers

Sharing Our Vision
Our Audiences

Our Speaking Topics

Our Speakers

Sharing Our Vision

Support After Abortion is at the forefront of the abortion healing movement, creating curricula to help those who need healing to obtain it, training providers on best practices to help those hurting from abortion, and collaborating with leaders to expand our abortion healing programs.

We have extensive training and resources available that are grounded in research and we are happy to share these resources with those interested in meeting the needs of women and men hurting from their abortion experiences.

Support After Abortion Hosts Free Monthly Webinars!

Abortion Healing Providers

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Support After Abortion Hosts Free Monthly Webinars!

Abortion Healing Providers

Our Audiences

As speakers, we engage with a variety of events that include women, men, students, clinicians, mental health professionals, ministry and church leaders, laity, pregnancy resource centers, nonprofits, anti-sex trafficking professionals, activists, and others in secular, faith-based, pro-life, and motivational forums.

We present on main stages, conduct workshops, facilitate small groups, and participate on panels – both in person and virtually. We also appear on television, radio, podcasts, webinars, and webcasts.


Support After Abortion is the tip of the abortion healing spear.

– Jor-El Godsey, President, Heartbeat International

2020-2023 Speaking Engagements

Support After Abortion has participated in over 100 conferences and events since 2020.

We have reached over 165,000 people through events, speaking, and media engagements since 2020.

What is Abortion Healing?

Similar to other losses or traumas, people who have abortion experiences may feel a variety of emotions, such as anger, regret, grief, depression, guilt, anxiety, and more. Abortion healing is the process of sharing their stories, working through emotions, grieving losses, and finding freedom from making future decisions out of fear and trauma.

Our Speaking Topics

Our research shows that about 34% of women and 71% of men who have had or have been impacted by abortions report experiencing some adverse changes. Of those hurting from abortion and desiring healing, more than 8 out of 10 do not know where to go for help. That translates to 22 million men and women who are hurting from abortion and would seek help if they knew where to go.

Because abortion is trapped inside politics and religion, people who are suffering from after-abortion hurt are often not given any safe space to work through the grief and other emotions they are feeling. We have to talk about this and we have to do it with compassion and without judgment.

Support After Abortion focuses on the humanity of the women and men with abortion experiences as well as those around them, who have been impacted by abortion and deserve hope and healing.

Our bold, innovative approach is a catalyst leading a global change in thinking and best practices for helping those hurting from abortion to heal. 

Our presentations are always non-political and non-judgmental and depending upon your audience, secular or religious. Select a topic below for your next event, or we can create one that meets your needs.

Receive Healing

We connect those seeking abortion healing with the provider or resource that best meets their needs

Healing Providers

We train and equip those who provide abortion healing with the latest research, gold star curricula, and grants.

  • Abortion Healing: What, Why, How
  • Abortion in the Black Community
  • At-Home Abortions: Navigating the Challenges of Client Support
  • Expanding Abortion Healing Capacity
  • Compassionately & Effectively Engaging with People with Abortion Experiences
  • Does Your Intake Form Prompt Truth?
  • Equipping Healing Group Facilitators
  • Equipping Men’s Healing Group Leaders
  • Healing After Abortion
  • Helping Men Find Healing After Lost Fatherhood
  • Healthy Helpers: Empowering Client Heroes
  • How to Start an Abortion Healing Program
  • How to Diversify your Abortion Healing Program
  • How to Reach Men Who Suffer from Abortion-Related Trauma
  • How to Talk with Someone Who has Experienced Abortion
  • Leading with Compassionate Messaging
  • Men’s Healing from Abortion
  • Mitigating Abortion Trauma in Clients with Substance or Behavioral Addictions
  • Mitigating Abortion Trauma with Sex-trafficked Youth
  • The Need for Compassion in Abortion Conversations
  • Relationships and Codependency
  • She Chose Abortion, Now What?
  • Support After Abortion & The Need for Abortion Healing
  • Support and Healing after Abortion
  • Unraveled Roots for Leaders: Transforming Behaviors & Choices
  • Unraveled Roots: Exposing the Hidden Causes of Damaging Behaviors for Better Decision Making
  • Unraveling the Roots of Abortion

Thank you for doing what you do. Just talking about men’s abortions and knowing there is hope for healing is priceless. Thank you for being there today and talking to me.

~ Attendee, Men’s Conference


I love Support After Abortion webinars so much. I am a human sponge absorbing all I can to help people heal!!!!

~ RN, BSN, Nurse Manager

Our Speakers

Lisa Rowe

Clinical Strategist

Lisa Rowe is a LCSW in private practice, co-author of Unraveled Roots, and Clinical Strategist for Support After Abortion. Lisa has spent…

Ivy Almon

Brand Ambassador

Ivy Almon, Brand Ambassador, coordinates provider relationship outreach, inspiring collaboration and helping to build capacity for abortion healing…

Amanda Hoff

Relationship Development Specialist

Amanda Hoff, Support After Abortion Relationship Development Specialist, equips leaders to help women and men impacted by…

Greg Mayo

Men’s Healing Strategist

Greg Mayo, Men’s Healing Strategist and Chair, is an award-winning writer, speaker, and author of Almost Daddy…

Karin Barbito

Special Projects Manager

Karin Barbito, co-author of Unraveled Roots, is a pioneer in the abortion healing movement. Currently serving as…

Heidi Inlow

Case Manager

Heidi Inlow, Support After Abortion Case Manager, has worked in the nonprofit sector for over 15 years. She has…