Our vision is to end the demand for abortion by healing those impacted by abortion.

Support After Abortion is a catalyst to inspire compassion among people, promote collaboration with leaders, and build capacity for programming.

EP 59 Support After Abortion A Catalyst For Change with Jay Nies

How Self-Reflection and Compassion Increases the Capacity for Abortion Healing- Liz Cook, Director of Communications for Support After Abortion, and Jay Nies, editor for the Catholic Missiourian discuss how self-reflection, or examen of conscience, can increase our capacity for compassion. An increase of compassion, not only within ourselves, but also within our communities can lead more men and women suffering from the pain, shame and regret after abortion to seek hope and healing.

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A New Event in the Pro-Life Movement that Inspires Compassion for Abortion Healing and Meaningful Change

Liz Cook, Director of Communications for Support After Support discusses the off Broadway play, Viable, with Brad Baumgarten, director or Coalition for Life – St. Louis. As a leader in the Pro-Life movement Brad experienced meaningful change within his heart and Viable has the power to be a catalyst for hope and healing in the hearts of men and women impacted by abortion.

Experience the Devastating Impact of Abortion and the need for Abortion Healing through Viable

Liz Cook, Director of Communications for Support After Abortion connects with Joan Kane, board member for Support After Abortion, about the play, Viable, and the impact it will have in your community.

Experience the impact of Abortion and the Need for Healing through a Dramatic Play

Lisa Rowe, CEO for Support After Abortion, and Gisele Gathings, lead actress for the play, Viable, discuss the play, and the impact it carries for women and men seeking abortion healing. Viable is a one-act play, with a simple-but-powerful storyline that portrays one woman’s journey through attempting to protect her own emotions of trauma, pain, anger and guilt after abortion.

Learn to Heal After the Pain and Lies from Abortion

Lisa Rowe, CEO for Support After Abortion and Deborah Tilden, co-creator of Life Victory, discuss communication surrounding abortion, how the lies hurt men and women impacted by abortion and resources that are available to heal from the pain after an abortion.

One Woman’s Journey from the Pain after Abuse and Abortion to Finding Joy

Lisa Rowe, CEO for Support After Abortion, and author of Unchained, Dell Anderson discuss Dell’s journey through codependency, horrific pain after abortion, and how she was able to find joy again.

Legal Protection and Advocacy to End The Demand For Abortion

Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion and Allan Parker, President of The Justice Foundation discuss their common goal of ending the demand for abortion, while focusing efforts on healing and protecting men and women experiencing shame, depression and regret after abortion.

Sharing our Stories to Increase Compassion and Abortion Healing

Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion and Karen Sweeting, President, and Founder of The Optimum Life Academy, and author of “Get Equipped,” discuss the excruciating pain that abortion regret, shame, and secrecy causes and why providing confidential and nonjudgmental support after abortion is essential.

Building Capacity for Abortion Healing through Collaboration and Creativity

Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, and Georgette Forney, President of Anglicans for Life and co-founder of Silent No More, discuss the continuing need to integrate abortion healing into the ProLife movement. They also discuss what the future holds for this movement as it continues to heal those impacted by abortion.

How Compassion Can Heal Wounds for those Impacted by Abortion and Sex Trafficking

Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion and Meiko Taylor, founder of The Power Project, discuss the importance of compassion and training when helping to heal those impacted by abortion and sex trafficking.

Building Capacity for Abortion Healing Through our Churches

Lisa Rowe, CEO for Support After Abortion and Mark Nicholson, Executive Director for Passion Life International discuss the impact and importance of training individuals within our churches, to compassionately speak about abortion and the abortion healing process.

Connection, Collaboration and Exploring Options for Abortion Recovery

Carolyn Fransden, Program Coordinator for Support After Abortion, sits down with Wendy Gianocola to discuss various Abortion Recovery programs, and how to stay connected, and collaborate during the pandemic.

Using Compassion to Communicate Truth and Increase Abortion Healing

Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, sits down with the Minority Outreach and Healthy Relationships Director, Toni McFadden, to discuss the importance of compassion and truth to build capacity for abortion healing.

Using Compassion to Turn the Pain of Abortion into Purpose

Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, sits down with author, speaker and founder of SheFoundHisGrace.org, Serena Dyksen, about how compassion and collaboration can increase the number of men and women who seek abortion healing, and heal generations of wounds within families.

Collaboration and Compassion to Help heal Abortion Survivors

Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, sits down with Melissa Ohden, President and Founder of Abortion Survivors Network to discuss what abortion survivors experience and how we can be a catalyst for change to bring more compassion into their healing process.

More Collaboration brings More Healing after Abortion

Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion and founder of Arise Daughter, Sylvia Blakely discuss Sylvia’s journey and the importance of collaboration to increase support for those seeking healing after abortion.

The Far-Reaching Impacts of Abortion on Relationships

Theresa Bonopartis, Director of Lumina: Hope and Healing After Abortion and Support After Abortion CEO Lisa Rowe, discuss the far-reaching impacts of abortion on women and their relationships.

Reproductive Loss: The Striking Similarities Between Abortion and Miscarriage

Heidi Inlow, Operations Coordinator of Support After Abortion, and Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, discuss the striking similarities between abortion and miscarriage. Together they address what leaders within the abortion recovery movement need to do to improve their capacity to serve those impacted by miscarriage loss.

Proactive Prevention: Getting to the Root of the Issue of Abortion

Speaker Pam Stenzel of Enlighten and Support After Abortion CEO Lisa Rowe discuss the importance of getting in front of the issue of abortion with a revolutionary approach to end the demand for abortion..

Grief: The Missing Step in Abortion Healing

Trudy Mae Johnson, Founder of Missing Pieces and author, and Lisa Rowe, CEO of Support After Abortion, identify the missing step in grief through abortion healing. These experts discuss the importance of grief validation, the dangers of dismissing it, and how Trudy’s resource fills in the gaps.

Three Thought Provoking Questions That Can Improve Our Capacity to Serve

Although abortion is socially acceptable, it is openly not discussed. Catherine Davis believes that men and women secretly carry their abortion experiences for decades due in part to our culture.

4 Action Steps the Pro-Life Movement Needs to Take

“It’s widely known that the Pro-Life movement is passionate about putting an end to abortion. While the mission of Support After Abortion also focuses on ending abortion, it centers more around healing those who have been impacted by abortion.”

The Importance of Self-Care for Leaders

We strive to humanize abortion through stories of compassion, and we work to unite leaders and organizations through collaboration within the abortion healing movement. We believe the health and wellbeing of leaders in the healing industry is important as it impacts their ability or capacity to serve.

The Support After Abortion Men’s Task Force 2021 Initiative

“Recently the abortion healing movement has shifted its focus from the mother to the impact abortion has on entire families. As society begins to talk about the impacts of abortion, we see men need healing after abortion, too. Committed to providing compassion, building leaders, and expanding capacity for men’s healing, Support After Abortion is launching a new Men’s Task Force.”

One Man’s Role in Abortion Healing

The impacts of abortion are far-reaching. Abortion does not just impact the woman choosing to have one, but it also impacts family and friends. Ten years ago, Carolyn Frandsen, Support After Abortion Programming Coordinator, had an abortion. Two years later, she met her now-husband, Adam Frandsen.

“I Couldn’t Even Hold My Son”—Abortion’s Impact on Parent-Child Attachment

“The birth of my son was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, but instead, it was the saddest,” shares Carolyn Frandsen, Programming Coordinator of Support After Abortion. After three years of running from the pain of her abortion experience, the day her son was placed in her arms was the day Carolyn learned she couldn’t run anymore.

Coaching—The Science and Value behind the Questioning Approach

With a mission to build and strengthen abortion healing worldwide, Support After Abortion is open to innovative approaches and methodologies that will help us to achieve our goal. We realize that collaboration amongst leaders is necessary to grow our capacity and truly make a difference in the abortion healing movement. So, when we learned about Chris McCluskey’s data-driven approach with a 97% success rate, our interest was piqued.

Directional Research: Moving to Meet Individuals Where They Are

Although Support After Abortion became a 501c3 in April 2020, the dream of a comprehensive network to serve the men and women impacted by abortion began some 7 years ago. The CEO of Support After Abortion, Lisa Rowe, and President of the Board of Directors, Janine Marrone, discuss how the consumer research has guided the steps of Support After Abortion.