Unraveling the Roots of Men’s Trauma

Leaders, clinicians, and counselors learn how to provide healing to men wounded by abortion

Our Mission

To end the demand for abortion through healing people impacted by abortion

About Us

We provide healing, help and recovery for abortion regret and grief.

Our team understands first-hand how to care for women and men impacted by an abortion.

We provide real-time, compassionate, and genuine care for women and men seeking healing for dealing with grief or regret.


90% of women don’t know where to go for abortion healing is the driving force behind Support After Abortion. In fact, the name “Support After Abortion” was every bit intentional. The title of our organization makes our mission very clear.

Our vision is to end the demand for abortion by healing those impacted by abortion. Support After Abortion is a catalyst to inspire compassion among people, promote collaboration with leaders, and build capacity for programming.

Inspiring Compassion is About People.

Did you know that 1 and 4 women will have an abortion by 45 years old and consumer research shows that two-thirds express shame and guilt?

Promoting Collaboration with Leaders.

While there are over 200 healing programs facilitated by 1,000 different agencies, giving the appearance of capacity, research shows there is still a 50% repeat abortion rate.

Building Capacity Worldwide

Research shows that 9 out of 10 people don’t know where to go for abortion healing and 95% of the healing programs offered do not provide person-centered options